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09:30 Gare du Midi - Atalaya
Cria, Reza, Ama
Nurture, Pray, Love
Ariadna Relea
Spain, 2019, 43 min
During the Franco regime, women lost all the rights gained during the IInd Republic. Archives from the 1950-80 period show how propaganda aimed at locking them up at home. Summer camps, maternity competitions, home economics training… in spite of the Church and the State efforts, 40 years later the same women pioneered the Spanish feminist movement.
 Histoires d’Europe
09:30 Gare du Midi - Gamaritz
Rachel Leah Jones, Philippe Bellaiche
Israel, Canada, Switzerland, 2019, 1 h 48
Lea Tsemel is an Israeli lawyer who has been defending Palestinians for 30 years: from feminists to fundamentalists, from nonviolent demonstrators to armed militants. She demands, in her pleas, a State under the rule of law, but as far as most Israelis are concerned, she defends the indefensible.
09:45 Casino mun. - Théâtre
L’Affaire Caravage
The Caravaggio Case
Frédéric Biamonti
France, 2019, 1 h 26
April, 2016 – an unsigned masterpiece is found in a Toulouse attic. Could it be a Caravaggio? Debate over the work’s provenance rages as the market puts the canvas at 120 million euros. This film explores the incredible story of an incredible painting, found after four centuries of obscurity.
 French Documentary
10:00 Le Colisée
Janet Baker In Her Own Words
John Bridcut
United Kingdom, 2019, 1 h 30
In this honest and poignant film, the great British classical singer Dame Janet Baker talks more openly and emotionally than ever before at the excitements and pitfalls in her career, the way the traumas of her childhood shaped her voice, and in retirement the challenges of her life now.
 Musical Documentary
11:45 Casino mun. - Théâtre
Les Mots de la cité
A City’s Words
Laurent Chevallier
France, 2019, 1 h 09
Mamadou Ba is a public scribe from Mali. He works at a community centre in Montreuil to help laid-off workers, undocumented immigrants… the list goes on. We get to know Mamadou through his encounters with these people. He considers his profession more as a calling to help others, than a job.
 French Documentary
11:45 Gare du Midi - Atalaya
Les Murs de la honte
The Walls of Shame
Sylvie Garat
France, 2019, 52 min
For over 50 years, Belfast has been crisscrossed by painted “Peace Walls”, separating one district from another and witness to the “Troubles” of the Catholic-Protestant divide. With the government set to tear them down, the film covers the places, inhabitants, and the issues around these walls that have become part of the urban fabric.
 Histoires d’Europe
12:00 Le Colisée
La Desbanda
The Disband
Claudia Reig
Spain, 2019, 45 min
Against the expectations of their neurologist, a group of Spanish Parkinson’s sufferers have formed a rock group! They learn to play drums, guitar, to memorise lyrics… they start a new life filled with rehearsals, studio recordings, and even concerts.
 Musical Documentary
13:30 Gare du Midi - Atalaya
L’Homme a mangé la terre
Breakpoint: A Counter History of Progress
Jean-Robert Viallet
France, Belgium, 2019, 1 h 39
It is still being debated whether humankind has changed the planet irreversibly. Were the developments of coal and oil the final nails in Earth’s coffin? Mixing footage and propaganda images with an original soundtrack, the film looks back at 200 years of development to provide an alternative view of our history of progress.
14:00 Bellevue - Auditorium
You Are My Friend
Tu es mon ami
Peter Lataster, Petra Lataster-Czisch
Netherlands, 2018, 1 h 17
The film directors follow a lively six-year old, Branche, who just came to the Netherlands from North Macedonia with his parents and starts school for the first time in this special class for non-Dutch speakers. He does not speak the language and does not know anyone. You must learn to make friends too and that happens by trial and error.
 Histoires d’Europe
14:00 Casino mun. - Théâtre
Le Blob - Un génie sans cerveau
The Blob - A genius Without a Brain
Jacques Mitsch
France, 2019, 51 min
Not animal, nor vegetable, nor mineral: it’s a blob – a giant cell with an enormous appetite, able to solve complex problems, and gifted with a surprising ability to learn. This single-celled organism, almost a billion years old, defies the conventions of biology and brings into question everything we thought we knew about intelligence.
 French Documentary
14:00 Le Colisée
Artemio Benki
France, Czech Republic, Argentina, Austria, 2019, 1 h 25
Martín, an Argentine virtuoso pianist and composer, has been a patient at the El Borda psychiatric hospital for four years. While absorbed in creating his next work, ’’Enfermaria’’, he is also trying to confront his illness and, perhaps, return to a life outside the hospital walls.
 Musical Documentary
16:00 Casino mun. - Théâtre
La Cravate
The Tie
Étienne Chaillou, Mathias Théry
France, 2019, 1 h 37
20-year-old Bastien has been a militant member of the main far-right party for five years. During the presidential campaign, his superior encourages him to get more involved. Bastien takes to the rigours of politics and surprises himself when he starts dreaming of making it a career; but past demons crop up, threatening his ambition.
 French Documentary
16:00 Gare du Midi - Gamaritz
21 Days Inside
21 Yom Velayla
Zohar Wagner
Israel, 2019, 1 h 05
The body of a two-year-old toddler is found at the bottom of a well at a Bedouin village in the Desert. His mother is arrested by the Israeli police, suspected of committing murder. During 21 days of detention and interrogation, police officers exploit her weaknesses in order to force her confession to the crime.
16:15 Bellevue - Auditorium
La Maleta de Madame Colette
The Suitcase of Madame Colette
Joan Bonet
Spain, 2019, 1 h 02
The Swiss Madame Colette was an advanced woman, knight errant and independent. She arrived in 1953 to Mallorca, where she found the peace and space to lay down her roots and develop her career as a painter of botanic prints, showing the island’s flora to the world and exhibiting her work abroad, in places like London, Cleveland and Switzerland.
 International Documentary
16:30 Le Colisée
Kinshasa Beta Mbonda
Marie-Françoise Plissart
Belgium, 2019, 52 min
On the eve of presidential elections, a dozen or so young percussionists bring music to Barumbu, a poor neighbourhood of Kinshasa. They are the Beta Mbonda, former members of the Kuluna violent gangs. Music has given a new meaning to their lives while cementing their friendship.
 Musical Documentary
20:00 Gare du Midi - Atalaya
Black & Wild
Laurent Frapat
France, 2016, 44 min
A young zebra learns the laws of the savannah, from its first steps to adulthood. It takes part in the great migration, a dangerous event where he encounters the predators on the savannah and in the river. A story filled with surprises, with a two-tone score…
 Special sessions