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Les remarqués

This category features a small selection of documentaries that have caught the attention of our selection committee, which has chosen to make them available to accredited professionals in addition to the films being screened in the festival’s theatres.

Assholes: A Theory
John Walker
Canada, 2019, 1 h 21
Ever get the impression that assholes are taking over? ’’Assholes: A Theory’’, a timely new doc from John Walker, investigates the breeding grounds of contemporary asshole culture and searches for signs of civility in a rude-’n-nasty universe.
Babel sur scène
At Home in the World
Dominique Fischbach
France, 2019, 56 min
Seven high school students from a working-class neighbourhood in Paris work on a stage adaptation of Aeschylus’ 2500-year-old Greek tragedy ’’The Suppliantes’’. This film reflects current issues of migration and the status of women from the perspective of joyful, unbridled teens. Their pride knows no bounds.
Boy of War
Cyprien Clément-Delmas, Igor Kosenko
Germany, Czech Republic, 2018, 1 h 14
Artiom is 18 and he has only one wish: to fight for his homeland – Ukraine. He thinks he knows all about war from YouTube videos. He wears badges, camouflage and practices combat situations. He leaves his girlfriend, to go to the war raging some train hours away. An observational documentary about the end of childhood.
Baptiste De Cazenove
France, 2019, 52 min
28-year-old Baptiste has suffered from apnoea for 25 years, for unknown reasons. Suddenly, memories of sexual abuse come flooding back. He was 4 when his swim instructor stole his childhood in a public pool. Rather than pushing these memories back down and surviving, Baptiste decides to face them and live.
FBI : le dossier Chaplin
Chaplin VS the FBI
Patrick Cabouat
France, 2019, 53 min
One wanted to shield America from communism; the other wanted to entertain the country and speak out against injustice. J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI, was convinced that Charlie Chaplin was a Russian spy and monitored him constantly over a merciless 50-year-long persecution during the Cold War, in an attempt to prove his communist allegiances.
Moi, Armand Frémont, enfant du Havre
City of Le Havre, A Personal Memoir
Roy Lekus
France, 2019, 53 min
French author and geographer Armand Frémont (1933-2019) was born in Le Havre, the life of his family and that of the city are intertwined. Actor Michel Vuillermoz enlists puppets, searches for archival footage of places, characters and forces that shaped Fremont’s family and the port city. A social and industrial epic of the tumultuous 20th century.
Dora Maar, entre ombre et lumière
Dora Maar, Between Shadow and Light
Marie-Eve De Grave
France, 2019, 52 min
Looking in-depth at the photographic and pictorial works of Dora Maar: the fiery journey of the extraordinary woman gives new form and clarifies the identity of Picasso’s Weeping Woman. Now liberated, her imposing body of work reveals an accomplished artist, completely in step with her era.
Golda Meir, une femme en première ligne
Golda Meir, a woman at the forefront
Elisabeth Van Zijll Langhout
France, 2019, 52 min
This film tells the incredible story of Golda Meir, whose destiny is inextricably linked to the birth of the State of Israel. The film deals with the 5-year period from 1969 to 1974 when she was prime minister. She was one of the first woman in modern history to rise to such a position of power.
Julie Andrews, la mélodie d’une vie
Yves Riou
France, 2019, 52 min
Julie Andrews was an artist, actor, singer, dancer, writer, and philanthropist. Too often, she was seen only through the narrow prism of her best-known roles. This film provides a unique opportunity to rediscover an incredible woman whose resolutely modern career marked the entertainment world during the second half of the 20th century.
Paul Lacoste
France, 2019, 51 min
Théo is a young voter but now lives in Paris. He asks his Toulouse-based father to be his proxy a few weeks before the 2017 presidential election. But Théo’s politics lean to the right: he supports souverainism; while Paul is left-leaning and has an international outlook.
Juppé, un roman bordelais
Antoine Laura
France, 2019, 52 min
June 1995 – After the 50-year reign of Jacques Chaban-Delmas, Alain Juppé, originally from Mont-de-Marsan, becomes Mayor of Bordeaux. He inherits a gloomy and slightly sad city, set in its ways, and inward-looking. He will transform it.
La part de rêve
Jean-Michel Dury
France, 2019, 54 min
Adrien, Carole, and Gaëtan are disabled and live and work in sheltered, assisted environments. For several years, they have been taking part in art workshops. Their imagination is so vivid that fiction, in the form of musical comedy, sometimes takes over from reality… and then, everyday life picks up again where it left off.
La Ventouse
Charles Henry
France, 2019, 56 min
Employed by film production companies to block out parking spaces for film crews, Furio’s team works day and night in Paris and its surrounding neighbourhoods. In 30 years, they have worked on more than 2,000 productions. This film tells a small part of their long history.
Little America
Marc Weymuller
France, 2019, 1 h 50
Santa Maria Island in the Azores archipelago was dubbed Little America, a perfect metaphor for the American Dream when an airport was built there to refuel jumbo jets midway between Europe and the US. From this era, which literally put the island on the map, all that remains is a crumbling residential neighbourhood and washed-out memories.
Nicolas Wadimoff
France, Switzerland, Canada, 2019, 1 h 30
In 2016, Maisonneuve, an educational institution in Montreal, reeled from shock when 10 students left for Jihad in Syria. As a result, a pilot scheme was put in place to improve relations between communities. Together, staff and students alike tackle delicate questions about cultural difference and community living.
Incendies géants : enquête sur un nouveau fléau
Cosima Dannoritzer
France, 2019, 1 h 33
The world’s forests are on fire, threatening not only our homes and our lives, but also the climate and our future. This film travels to Europe, the US, Canada and Indonesia to meet a dedicated community of scientists, firefighters and experts who are investigating why the fires are getting out of control and what we can do to protect ourselves.
Un dernier été
Ruth Zylberman
France, 2019, 59 min
The summer of ‘39 was not the last summer, but it was a last summer. How were these final weeks of carefree peacetime experienced by this group of men and women who had no idea the passing days would become etched in History?
Que l’Amour
Laetitia Mikles
France, 2019, 1 h 20
One day, Abdel, a young French-Algerian man discovered the songs by the famous Belgian singer Jacques Brel. This sudden passion will change his life forever. The film witnesses the human connection created through the poetry of Brel’s popular songs in France and in Algeria, regardless of generations or origins.
Rwanda, un génocide en héritage. Paroles de jeunes
Rwanda, a Legacy of Genocide. Young Voices
André Versaille
France, Belgium, 2019, 52 min
In 1994, the Tutsi genocide at the hands of the Hutu tore Rwanda apart, leaving a stain of horror and trauma. Today, the government is trying to impose a national reconciliation at a time when the sons and daughters of victims are reaching adulthood. They express the heavy burden of this heritage and the weight of its silences.
Les Rêves siamois
Siamese dreams
Iv Charbonneau-Ching
France, 2019, 1 h 15
Aum Neko is a young Thai LGBT activist with a thirst for freedom. Her provocative fervour flies in the face of a patriarchal society marked by the figure of a sacred king, and before long, she becomes a figurehead for democratic movements. But when a military junta takes power, a price is put on her head. She is forced to flee her homeland.
Le Monde Selon Radiohead
The World According to Radiohead
Benjamin Clavel
France, 2019, 52 min
Discreet although well-liked, popular though experimental, Radiohead traces a unique furrow on the world pop-rock scene. For almost 30 years, the group has posed like no other a lucid and critical look at our modern societies, addressing philosophical and political topics in his songs and his statements. But what’s really in Radiohead’s mind?
There are no Lions in Tel Aviv
Ein Arayot BeTel Aviv
Duki Dror
Israel, 2019, 1 h 02
The bittersweet story of a Rabbi who envisioned the Tel Aviv’s zoo in the 1930s, and was then banished from it. A parable about a new city envisioned by dreamers, replaced by indifferent bureaucrats, and then taken over by real-estate tigers.
Turquie, nation impossible
Warring brothers: from Atatürk to Erdogan
Nicolas Glimois
France, 2019, 1 h 33
Where is Turkey headed? This film examines the nation by weaving together the stories of its founder, Kemal Atatürk, and its second founder, Recep Erdoğan. They seem totally different but, like rival siblings, they use similar methods and both pursue their dream of power.
La fin des terres
Where the Land Ends
Loïc Darses
Canada, 2019, 1 h 30
Set against a backdrop of wandering through the Quebec landscape, La Fin des terres questions the Quebec narrative by giving a voice to the young people who weren’t able to vote in the 1995 referendum. Now they are the ones who are trying to create a new “Terres des Hommes”.