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Call for pitches Submission

FIPADOC launches a call for documentary projects, for the pitching session which will take place during the next edition of the festival, in Biarritz, from January 21 to 26, 2020. The chosen projects will be pitched by the project holders to selected industry delegates invited by FIPADOC.
Projects looking for French and/or Swedish partners will have priority due to the 2020 Country of Honor of the FIPADOC: Sweden.

The pitching session will be preceded by a preparation workshop with the moderators. All selected projects will profit from a tailored coaching by the Industry Days staff and their teams will have the opportunity to meet potential partners in preorganised meetings before and after the pitching session.

I. Regulations

1. Eligible documentary projects

  • Projects in development or in production, with a teaser ready to be shown (projects not advanced enough cannot register).
  • All countries of production are accepted.
  • Accepted formats: features or one-offs with a minimum length of 43 minutes, series.
  • Projects must have an international ambition & potential.
  • Only projects with at least 15% of the budget secured are eligible.
  • Only one project per company or author can be selected.

2. Project holders

  • Authors, directors, producers and broadcasters.
  • Each project will be pitched in English by its director, producer, and possibly by its broadcaster.

3. Submissions

  • Applicants must submit their project(s) by
    Friday, November 15, 2019.
  • By submitting a project, the applicant commits to not pulling it out if selected.

4. Selection

  • The selection of projects will be carried out by an internal FIPADOC selection committee.
  • Selected project holders will be informed by email within a month after the closing of the call for projects.
  • The Festival will grant the directors of the selected project a FIPADOC professional pass.
  • Once completed, all selected projects must mention in their ending credits “Pitched at FIPADOC 2020” and include the FIPADOC logo.

5. Organisation of the session

  • Projects will be pitched by their directors and producers and by attached broadcasters/funders, if appropriate.
  • Following the pitches will be organized one-to-one meetings between project holders and industry delegates.
  • Each project must have a teaser ready to be showcased to the attending industry delegates. This video shouldn’t exceed 4 min.
  • All projects will be pitched in English.

6. Registration fees

The compulsory registration fees are of 60€ incl. VAT (50€ excl. VAT), to be paid online at the end of submission process, by credit card. Projects will be considered only if the fees have been dully paid.

If you are submitting a project which has Sweden as country of production, you are entitled to a waiver of the fees. Please contact to get one.

The President of FIPADOC has the power to resolve any case not provided for by the afore-mentioned regulations. In the case of a dispute, only the French version of the regulations will be deemed admissible.

FIPADOC reserves the right to modify the regulations at any time.

Copyright © FIPADOC, September 1, 2019.

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II. Project information

Please note that in the event of a successful selection, the information provided on this form will be printed in the paper version of the festival’s official catalogues and appear online (except for personal e-mail addresses and phone numbers)

III. Credits

IV. Production

V. Logline, Synopsis & intent

VI. Budget & status of production

As a reminder, only films with at least 15% of the budget confirmed are eligible.

VII. Trailer & presentation

This video must not exceed 4 minutes.

Pictures of the project

Please send any picture in HD to ensure adequate printing quality.
File format: JPEG, RGB, 1920x1080 pixels, 300dpi, without compression (HD).

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Presentation document (PDF)*

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Please join a PDF file containing project, CVs, budget and financing plan, letter of commitment or interest if appropriate, or any additional information that could be used to analyse the project.

VIII. Invoice address
IX. Submission signatory