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FIPADOC is an international documentary film festival held annually in Biarritz. Over six days, it brings members of the public and professionals together for
screenings of a selection of outstanding documentary films. Hosting meet-and-greets and premiering new projects, FIPADOC is committed to promoting impact, innovation, image appreciation, and new talent.


About Us

President Anne Georget and Artistic Director Christine Camdessus have overseen FIPADOC since June 2018 with the mission of showcasing exceptional works selected from all four corners of the globe – making it an important event on the annual grand festival circuit of European documentary.

An International Shortlist

FIPADOC showcases a selection of more than 100 documentary films. The selections include all screen and writing formats, both in and out of competition: short, mid- or feature-length individual films and series. The Festival features four major award categories: International Documentary, French Documentary, Musical Documentary and Impact Documentar. Certain selections will also compete for special prizes: the Mitrani Prize (best first or second film), the Audience Award (chosen by the public from the Francophone Panorama category), the Erasmus+ Prize (best film from the New Talent category), and the Young Europeans Jury Prize (best CAMPUS film, judged by a panel of 7 young Francophone Europeans, ages 17 to 25).

An event for the public and professionals alike

In addition to the official selections that members of the general public can discover at any of our five screening venues, FIPADOC will also be hosting Industry Days, where industry professionals can meet one another, providing inspiration and new opportunities. Innovation is also central to these events, with a space dedicated to digital experimentation: a virtual laboratory for trying out new forms of documentary writing. Through its CAMPUS programme, FIPADOC affirms its commitment to film appreciation and education, incubating some of the great talents of tomorrow.
Last but not least, FIPADOC is an occasion for celebration and merriment all throughout Biarritz.

Directors, producers, broadcasters, students, and the general public come together in Biarritz to celebrate documentary filmmaking at one of Europe’s foremost cultural events!

Supporting FIPADOC

For over 20 years, Fipa – now FIPADOC – has been a major player in the economic life of Biarritz and its surrounding communities. For five days, the Festival plays host to nearly 25,000 filmgoers, filmmakers, and audiovisual professionals (including producers, distributors, screenwriters and others), screening over 100 films.

By supporting FIPADOC, you will also be supporting a cultural event squarely in the public eye, with international prestige.

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And in 2019, FIPADOC is also launching its Business Club – join us on this new adventure!

Join Us

Volunteer at FIPADOC 2019!

Volunteering at FIPADOC is an opportunity to help give life to a unique experience in an exceptional field, and to have a real impact at the heart of a major international cultural event. If you love documentaries, meeting new people, and the spirit of adventure, FIPADOC is the place to be! Join us!

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President: Anne Georget
Managing & Artistic Director: Christine Camdessus

Administration: Gaëlle Agrapart
Film Office: François Lioret
Industry Days: Christian Popp
Industry Days and Guest Co-ordinator: Sofia Saa
Campus: Marion Czarny assisted by Léa letuffe
Smart: Andrés Jarach

Editor: Sandra Lumbroso
Communication: Alexandre Jalbert
Site Internet: Hervé Guitton

National and International Media: Florence Alexandre / Anyways
Regional and Spanish-language Media: Margarita Alija

Protocol: Anne-Marie Recurt & Mirentxu Epherre-Iriart
Accreditations: Tiphaine Gaigeard
Biarritz Co-ordinator and Host: Julie Villatte
General Manager: Maialen Cazenave