21-26 January 2020

Digital experiences


As an international showcase of new digital experiences, the SMART FIPADOC program aims at being a medium of exploration of new storytellings for the audience, as well as an up-and-coming meeting point for the professionals of a booming sector. The 2019 SMART FIPADOC brings together a curated selection of digital experiences to be tested for free during three days at the heart of the festival, as well as a “Vertical Video Challenge” organised in collaboration with INA.

The smart venue

SMART is the FIPADOC’s venue dedicated to documentary digital experiences. Come and discover virtual reality works (in a VR headset for the full 360° experience! )along with a selection of interactive documentaries accessible via computers, tablets, or smart phones. So many innovative works on offer through alternative media, beyond movie theatres or TV screens.

As part of our German Focus, the SMART selection includes three works presented in DOK Leipzig 2018, within the DOK Neuland exhibition. Furthermore, the selection also features a number of experiences showcased in June 2018 at PiXii — the space for immersive and innovating experiences set up by Sunny Side of the Doc, in La Rochelle. A must-see for anyone seeking unique documentary experiences…

Entrance to SMART is free, but a mandatory reservation is required to access the works per 30-minute time slot. This can be done on the premises with the help of our team.

Rhune 1 - Bellevue
From Wednesday 23 to Friday 25 January, from 9: 30 to 18: 00


In partnership with DOK Leipzig, PiXii and BTS Tourisme-Lycée Biarritz Atlantique.

INA / FIPADOC “Vertical Video Challenge”

he INA’s Vertical Video challenge, a 48-hour -long creative event at FIPADOC 2019, will allow some 15 participants to access the INA archives (which are, naturally, horizontal) to find creative new ways to integrate and appreciate the collection via an original vertical video on the theme of protecting the environment. (remonter à la ligne) In this current revolutionary climate of mobile and social media, vertical videos are becoming an all-important component; this challenge is a creative opportunity to breathe new life into the INA archives.

In partnership with INA.