21-26 January 2020

Industry days


Industry Days, Wednesday 23 - Friday 25 January 2019. The professional component of FIPADOC is held in a prestigious space where documentary-making professionals from France and the rest of Europe can meet with prospective partners from a local to an international level.


Industry Days is a three-day creative whirlwind designed to help writers, directors, and producers – from new talent to seasoned professionals – bring their existing films to a wider audience, and to fast-track the development of their current projects. Roundtable discussions, workshops, pitch opportunities, debates, discussions, events, and advice… Everything at FIPADOC works towards one goal: getting great films made. Along the way, we celebrate filmmakers, strengthen networks within the industry, and examine the major challenges we face today.
As guests of honour, our German partners (broadcasters, festivals, investors), present for Focus on… Germany will also take part in Industry Days.

Pitch Sessions

FIPADOC will host several pitch sessions for new projects.
Representatives of successful projects will then have the opportunity to pitch to a panel of selected professionals.

“Find your French/German Partner“

The “Find your French/German partner” pitch session is a golden opportunity to pitch to professionals from these two major players in European documentary film.

“Trendsetting Documentary“ Pitch

“Trendsetting Documentary” aims to promote and facilitate the adaptation of non-fiction works for television. In partnership with SCELF (Civil Society of French-Language Publishers) and CNL (National Centre for Books), FIPADOC is holding a pitch session in which French editors can present a selection of non-fiction works to a panel of French and European producers seeking new documentary subjects. Selected titles and publishers will be chosen prior to the Festival by SCELF and an external jury.

“First Regional“ pitches

Eight filmmakers from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region will be selected to pitch their debut documentary ideas to local TV networks Tv7 Bordeaux and Kanaldude, as well as to a panel of regional producers seeking new talent. The aim is to cultivate new talent in FIPADOC’s home region and to help it take root by broadcasting debut documentaries on local networks.

“Pitch and Promote Your Documentary“ (Workshop by La Fémis Film School)

La Fémis is offering the chance for directors, writers, producers, and representatives of documentary projects the chance to sharpen their promotional skills to better pitch their films to potential partners and investors. After working on the spoken and written aspects of promotion, participants will present their projects during one of FIPADOC’s pitch sessions.

Film Library

FIPADOC’s film library provides on-demand viewing of any film from the official selection to accredited professionals, who can also access a complementary collection of standout films, handpicked by FIPADOC, exclusively available in the film library.

Who’s Who

If you are accredited, you can see the list of participants by connecting to Professional area:

Who’s Who?

If you are not accredited, request an accreditation.

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