21-26 January 2020

Francophone panorama

This selection showcases French-language films released in 2018. A prize of 1,000€ is awarded by TV5Monde to the director of the winning film, chosen by a vote of the audience after the screenings.

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AWARDED FILM Maurice Béjart, l’âme de la danse
Maurice Béjart, the Soul of Dance
Henri de Gerlache, Jean de Garrigues
France, Belgium, 2017, 1 h 05 A portrait of Maurice Béjart, who opened up dance to a wider audience and who left his mark on his era and on the soul of dance for all time. 22/01 at 9:30, Casino municipal Théâtre
24/01 at 12:00, Gare du Midi Gamaritz

Conversation avec Romy
Conversation with Romy
Patrick Jeudy
France, 2018, 1 h 01 40 years later, German feminist Alice Schwarzer recounts the extraordinary night when Romy Schneider lifted the veil on her life. 22/01 at 16:45, Bellevue Auditorium
24/01 at 19:45, Gare du Midi Atalaya

Stéphane Goël
Switzerland, 2018, 1 h 32 In 1877, Swiss aristocrat Alfred Von Rodt became the governor of the isolated Chilean island that inspired the legend of Robinson Crusoe. 23/01 at 17:45, Casino municipal Théâtre
24/01 at 20:00, Colisée

Joan Miró, le feu intérieur
Joan Miró, the Inner Fire
Albert Solé
France, Spain, 2018, 52 min Beyond his bright, colourful paintings, Joan Miró was a complete artist—committed and eternally reinventing himself—who established creative freedom as a necessity. 23/01 at 16:15, Casino municipal Théâtre
25/01 at 17:15, Colisée

Lionel ROUX
France, 2018, 52 min Being a shepherd in the 21st century means deciding to belong and contribute to a world in flux. 22/01 at 12:45, Bellevue Auditorium
24/01 at 14:00, Colisée

Les cobayes du cosmos, confidences d’astronautes
Homo Spatius
Jean-Christophe Ribot
France, 2018, 1 h 32 At the dawn of extended space travel, 13 international astronauts test the limits of the human body in space. 23/01 at 10:00, Colisée
26/01 at 9:30, Casino municipal Théâtre

Libye, anatomie d’un crime
Libya : Unspeakable Crime
Cécile Allegra
France, 2018, 1 h 10 For the first time, victims and militants of the Libyan conflict speak out about male rape in wartime, so that justice may be served... 24/01 at 18:30, Cinéma Le Royal
25/01 at 12:30, Gare du Midi Gamaritz

Ouaga Girls
Theresa Traore Dahlberg
Sweden, France, Burkina Faso, 2017, 1 h 20 Girls are determined to become mechanics in Ouagadougou. Roll up your sleeves as sparks fly from under the hood and prejudices are forced to make a U-turn! 23/01 at 12:00, Colisée
25/01 at 16:15, Casino municipal Théâtre

Effi & Amir
Belgium, 2018, 1 h 25 The struggle of a citizen action group who want to offer the poorest residents in Brussels a place to shower. 22/01 at 14:30, Bellevue Auditorium
24/01 at 12:00, Colisée