Young Europeans Jury Regulation

1. Presentation

A. Composition

The festival will gather a jury made up of 7 European students who speak French, invited in Biarritz. During 6 days, they will confront their points of view, feelings and judgments, and award a prize to the best documentary spotted by CAMPUS, made up of a dozen of films from all the official selections.

B. Supervision

In Biarritz, the festival undertakes to provide them with an adult monitor from FIPADOC during their entire stay in Biarritz. They are also under the tutelage of a renown mentor.
However, the FIPADOC cannot be held responsible for any incident that might occur in Biarritz, outside the framework of their role as jury members for the festival.

2. Applications

A. Application’s deadline

The deadline for application is Thursday, December 13, 2018.

B. Conditions of participation

Aged between 17 and 25, they must be curious, movie enthusiasts, and with a particular interest in documentaries.
As French is the language used for all exchanges, its knowledge is required.

C. Application

Applicants have to send :

  • short presentation,
  • critique of a documentary (video or written) published on the IFcinéma platform of a documentary of his/her choice,
  • a copy of the passport or official identification,
    The presentation and the critique have to be in French.

D. Registration fees

There is a registration fee of €30 (thirty euros) per applicant.

3. Jury members selection

A. Conditions of selection

The FIPADOC selects a jury of seven members made up of one single representative from each participating country.
Country of residence is not a selection criteria.
The French jury member is selected in the Region of the New Aquitaine.

B. Criteria of selection

The selection is based on the applicant’s letter/video with an emphasis placed on his/her motivations to take part in the jury, his/her curiosity and his/her interest in films and documentaries in particular.
The French skills of each candidate are important for the selection.

C. Selection rounds

Each candidate is called by phone for a brief interview in French in order to test his/her abilities to speak and understand the language (between 3 and 14 December 2018).

4. Jury members obligations

Each jury member is expected to :

  • pay an extra fee of €50 (fifty euros) in addition to the registration fee. All travel expenses, accommodation and meals are covered,
  • be present in Biarritz from Tuesday 22 to Sunday 27 January 2019,
  • respect their timetable and, most of all, attend all the screenings required,
  • award a prize to the author(s) of a unique film.

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